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The Birth of a Memory Box

Several years ago I wanted to revisit my past by looking through my old photos, letters and bits and pieces from my childhood, teenage years, young adulthood and other times in my life. I knew where all my precious memories were. They were safe and sound in a rather battered old shoebox at the back of my wardrobe.
I spent a whole weekend reminiscing over these treasured memories from things that people had given me, things that had been saved for me, items I had inherited and items I had collected over the years. I wondered too where all the things I had once owned had disappeared too. I realised that what this old box contained was and is my most treasured memories, keepsakes and little bits n bobs - the most important and sentimental items in a box that was approximately 22 x18 cms.
It struck me too that the things that I value most can fit in to such a small space. I revisited happy, moving, special and sad times. My memory was jogged, pulled and prompted in all directions on that cold, rainy weekend in London. When it came time for me to put my treasures away I looked at the tatty box that was falling apart and thought I really should find a new box. But I had become very attached to that battered old box too - it had become part of the memories that were held within it.
I carefully put everything back in the box and then put it back in the wardrobe until I chose to revisit the past again. I felt that my things deserved a more important place. I felt too a certain sadness on placing my treasures out of sight. They were part of me and had helped me become the person I am today. That box is full of people, places and different times for me. It is full of people, many that are sadly no longer here, some that thankfully still are and places and times I sometimes wish that I was. But it is also full of happiness, inspiration, hope and of promise.
My Memories deserved a better box!
And so the seed was planted that would give way to an idea for a new box for my treasured Memories and in time I would call it a Memory Box.

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