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My Blog by Elizabeth Young

   Bespoke Oak Memory Boxes "Memory is the ability of the mind to recall past sensations, thoughts, knowledge etc triggered by words, smell, touch, sound and sight."   My name is Elizabeth Young and my company is Elizabeth Young Designs. I design and handcraft Bespoke, oak, Memory Boxes for your treasured and precious memories and keepsakes. I live and work in this beautiful, amazing, vibrant and sometimes stressful city that is called London.   Welcome to my Blog   I thought it was about time that I put pen to paper or in my case fingertip to screen. I wanted to introduce myself and my...

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The Birth of a Memory Box

Several years ago I wanted to revisit my past by looking through my old photos, letters and bits and pieces from my childhood, teenage years, young adulthood and other times in my life. I knew where all my precious memories were. They were safe and sound in a rather battered old shoebox at the back of my wardrobe.   I spent a whole weekend reminiscing over these treasured memories from things that people had given me, things that had been saved for me, items I had inherited and items I had collected over the years. I wondered too where all...

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