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The Birth of a Memory Box

So having had the idea to find a new box for my Memories I started to look for one. I wanted to find one that would look nice enough to have out on my shelves or on top of my chest of drawers. I searched for months but couldn't find anything I really liked and I didn't realise it would be this difficult. I knew what I wanted - something beautiful and quite elegant yet practical. I wanted it to be a wooden box and made for a wood like oak which would deepen with age and would better and better as the years passed.  My search for a very special box continued for months, scouring London and many other places but there was nothing I liked or made me feel," That's the box" or  "That's it".
So I decided that I would make one. I could build it exactly as I envisaged it. I felt it would be very special and a work of art in itself.
I armed myself with pencils, pens and my drawing pads and sketched some rough designs of a box. As I was drawing, inspiration seemed to flow and different ideas came in. I wrote a list of them as I knew I would forget some of them.
I looked at the picture I had drawn of a box, rectangular in shape and made from a beautiful, deep English oak. And a work of art sat underneath the glass lid of the Memory Box.
And that was my Memory Box created.