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Harry Potter Keepsake and Memory Box

Elizabeth Young Designs

Harry Potter Keepsake and Memory Box


This stunning bespoke Memory and Keepsake Box features the inspirational and magical world of Harry Potter. The design sits under a glass lid and features the detailed miniatures from Harry’s magical world from a scrumptious chocolate frog to the Golden Snitch.  All the miniature items are made to a very high standard and some are official replica props from the Harry Potter films.  The Time Turner,  The Sorting Hat,  a set of miniature Harry Potter books,  Liquid Luck, The Maurauder’s Map,  The Resurrection Stone,  the Weasley’s Ford Anglia car, Rowena Ravenclaw’s Lost Diadem,  The Daily Prophet,  Harry’s Hogwarts letter,  and too many others to list.

The box is handmade from oak and is doubled-hinged with a brass clasp at the front of the box. It has four legs that will protect the box from rough surfaces but will also protect delicate surfaces.

For young and old fans of Harry Potter everywhere.

It has been created to house treasured keepsakes and memories from a very special day that will last a lifetime.




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